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outdoor-oil-paintingThank you for your interest in my work!


The first step to prepare for you session is to schedule a personal consultation here in the studio with myself. During the consultation I will have a chance to share in your vision and plan for a portrait session that will best suit your family, your decorating style and the personality of the subjects. We will also discuss clothing, locations, portrait sizes, and pricing to create the best experience for you and your family. A trip to your home may also be in order and is a complementary service I provide to insure the perfect wall portrait for your home.



Indoor sessions are conducted in my Lexington, SC studio and are $100, which includes up to 3 subjects. Our outdoor sessions are $125 for up to two subjects and are conducted at the USC Horseshoe, Governor’s Mansion, and several other local venues according to the vision we create for your portrait. You may add additional subjects to any session for $25/ subject. I love to travel to other locations including hand-picked destinations by request. These session fees are by quote as they vary according to distance and length of time away from the studio.


Approximately one week after your session is complete, you will return to the studio to review your images and complete your order. This presentation session will be setup when we book your portrait session. Your portraits will be projected in order to best view them and you will be professionally guided in the portrait selection process. Of course, we will be focusing on creating that one unique image or collection of images that will last a lifetime.


I have a passion for children and families, so events and weddings are not something I photograph. I am a fine art studio and focus on creating that one unique image or collection of images that will last a lifetime, therefore all prints are sold a la carte. The exception to this rule would be special themed sessions we have throughout the year. During these special sessions we will have special prepaid print packages to choose from. Please note that we do not sell images on disk or other digital medium.


I love what I do and I am happy to assist you in any way to help you have a great experience. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail.



Thank You!

Preparing for your Presentation Session

Clone of stauffer1 copy   I have tried to write so much information about preparing for your session that I have failed to help you prepare for your portrait presentation session. This appointment is every bit as important as the portrait session itself.  I can only imagine how everyone must feel when they come to choose that one unique portrait(s).  Many clients have felt excited and often overwhelmed when they come to view their images, but they have found that following these helpful tips to think through their purchases makes the process so much more fun and relaxing.


1)  Would you purchase a sofa without your spouse?  If not, you will want to make sure they are at the presentation session with you.  I know timing can be an issue and we know how you feel.  Many people have felt that same way.  However, once they come to visit our studio and understand the process they have found that they want to have everyone share in the joy of their viewing session. Anyone involved in the decision making process should be there to help.  Remember you are going to make an investment into your family’s history and heirlooms.


2)  Our goal is to help you decorate your home with heirloom quality pieces of art.  Through our experience we can guide you through the decision making process to choose a work of art that will fit your decorating style.  Things to think about would be placement, ceiling height, wall width, colors and overall feel in your home. Email Ahead- During the consultation we will talk to you about taking photos of places in your home you are looking to decorate.  Remember to take the images floor to ceiling with a ruler or yardstick against the wall, also try to take the image as straight on as possible.  Email them to us and we will magically be able to project your portrait onto your own wall during the viewing session!


3)  One important tip that is often overlooked is…Take advantage of us at this viewing session!  We set aside 1 1/2 hours for just you!  We want to go over all of your ideas and help you choose the perfect portrait.  One of the big advantages of being here in the studio is our projection system.  This system allows us to not only project the images on a larger scale, but also to project the images at actual size on our wall or the actual size it will look in your house using the images you email before hand.  Susan, our Design Consultant, and others here are trained to notice and discuss with you specific details in your images that might need to be enhanced or retouched.  People often feel they cannot or are embarrassed to mention details in the image that they would like to enhance or change.  Feel free to always share your opinion, we are here for you.


4)  THE ICING ON THE CAKE…Our prices are not going to go up once you leave, but we do give a 10% discount for orders placed at the presentation session.   We have found that the flow of an order is much smoother and relaxing when the order is completed during you presentation session.  On many occasions clients have felt that they could go home and then make their decisions.  Unfortunately, often is the case that these clients have found it very difficult to look at details and make that final decision alone.  We have also found that when these clients call in or email in their order, they forget those little details that we normally would bring out in the presentation session, which of course leads to details missed on the final portrait.  We of course are more than happy to remake any portrait you are not 100% satisfied with; however, this process extends the amount of time it will take for you to receive your portrait causing additional stress.s111


5)  When can I expect to receive my order? The typical order takes 4-6 weeks.  Signature portraits and full oils require more time as they are a one of a kind portrait.





We pride ourselves in being a true fine art portraiture studio.  We simply use photography as out medium to create beautiful images and works of art.  Our philosophy is to always create work that will inspire as well as be cherished for generations.  However, please remember that this takes time.  We do not sacrifice our quality or your satisfaction to have a portrait produced in a quicker manner.   Any mistakes in the details of your order are never intentional and truly break our heart.  The key is to a relaxing and enjoyable experience is to help us prepare for your portrait presentation session by following many of the above mentioned steps.  We strive to use every tool available to us to help make the decision process more relaxing, but we can only go far with your help .  Everyone here cares deeply about your experience here at Cynthia Pace Photography, and we would all like to thank you for trusting us with your family treasures.



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